Sky TV Goads BT Sport Over Premier League Rights Victory

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Sky TV has been goading rival BT Sport over its successful acquisition of the Premier League majority via the social media platform Twitter, it was reported.

The pay-per-view TV service, headed up by Sky Group Director of corporate affairs Graham McWilliam, came out on top in last week’s Premier League television auction, paying a whopping £4.2 billion on the rights to five game packages scheduled throughout the season. BT Sport, meanwhile, managed to nab just the other two, at a less costly fee of £960 million.

McWilliam was said to have been goading BT on Twitter over their failure to secure more matches, saying that the auction itself was “not for the faint-hearted”.

He went on to say that BT should have done more to “muscle in” on the matches available, adding, “Sky went in hard to get the result. Yes, paid big. That’s what it takes. We can and will absorb it.”

Sky has admitted that the huge payout will mean other “efficiency savings” being made elsewhere, with some of this cost no doubt being passed on to its subscribers.

It is not yet known whether or how this will affect service for Sky customers.

On a further note, McWilliam took the victory as an opportunity to reassure doubters of Sky’s monopoly in the pay-per-view sports playing field, saying that the company made the “right decision” when they failed to secure the Champions League in 2014. The company lost out to BT just over a year ago, who paid £300 million a year on the promise of 26 matches involving British teams.

“Right decision for us not to chase Champ League,” Mr. McWilliam tweeted.

“£300m only guarantees 26 matches with British teams. #premierleague matters more to fans.”

When asked whether their dedication to the Premier League would affect their commitment to other sports, McWilliam assured the fans “absolutely not”. He made reference to the Sky Sports Formula One being a “huge success” and added that the company is looking forward to covering Lewis Hamilton’s title defence later this year.

A spokesperson from BT Sport, meanwhile, suggested that BT is unfazed by the outcome.

They said: “We are very pleased with the outcome and the price we paid. BT Sport has an exciting line-up for football fans including the Premier League, FA Cup and all the live footballing action from the UEFA Champions and Europa leagues, starting this summer.

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