Sky TV Contact Number

0843 320 9669

If you are having issues with your Sky TV package, you should speak to a member of their customer service team who will be happy to help you. They can help you solve a number of issues and deal with problems that include:

  • Wanting to cancel your Sky package
  • Amend your current tariff to include extra features or get rid of some
  • Solving bill queries
  • Moving home and taking your Sky services with you
  • Problems logging in using your Sky iD

Problems With Sky TV

If you are having trouble using your Sky TV package effectively, there are a number of possible solutions.

You can visit the Sky website to determine if there are any service interruptions that could be impacting on your ability to get a clear reception or signal. The “Latest Service Status” area of the website shows if there are any problems affecting your local or surrounding areas.

Other common errors with Sky TV include:

  • No satellite signal
  • Remote control problems
  • Issues with the on demand service
  • Errors with recordings and the Sky TV Planner

No Satellite Signal Issue

The first thing to do if this error appears is to check what the weather is like outside. Conditions such as strong winds, snow, heavy rain or thunderstorms can all result in troubles with satellite signal, so it is worth waiting for the bad weather to pass and trying to use your Sky TV again.

If the bad weather has cleared and you still can’t use your SKy TV box, you can find a step-by-step guide on the Sky TV website. These are broken down for what type of Sky TV Box you have and the number of boxes you have in your household.

Remote Control Problems

There are 4 basic areas to check on your Sky remote control before resetting it:

  • Batteries- These may need replacing. If you press a button and the light on your Sky remote doesn’t flash, this could be due to dead batteries that need replacing
  • Select the correct mode- You may have TV selected rather than Sky. To control your Sky box, you need to press the Sky button before pressing any other buttons
  • Check the sensor- Ensure there is nothing in the line of sight between your Sky box and your remote
  • Check that your TV is tuned to Sky- Check your TV is set to the right output mode. This is usually done with a source button on your normal TV control and you will need to make sure you have chosen the right source for your Sky box.

Issues With The On Demand Service

If you find yourself having trouble with the Sky On Demand service, there is a simple step-by-step guide you can use on the Sky website to resolve the issue.

The guide will ask you how your box is connected (either wirelessly via Wi-Fi or hardwired with a cable connection). Depending which option you select will determine what you will see next; those who have a hardwire cable connection will be see step by step instructions that show how to switch off your Sky box and reboot it. You should then be shown how to turn your Sky box on again and then how to confirm your box is connected. If these steps don’t work, you will need to give Sky a call or use their live chat service to resolve the problem.

If your Sky box is connected wirelessly, you will need to select the type of Sky box you have and you will then be given specific instructions for that particular model.

Errors With Recordings And The Sky TV Planner

There are two possibilities that you should consider before ringing Sky with recording and Sky Planner issues:

  • Have you cleared your deleted items?
  • Have you rebuilt your planner?

Clearing Your Deleted Items

The majority of temporary recording and planner issues can be solved by emptying your deleted items tab and resetting your Sky box. There are 5 simple steps to do this:

  1. Press the TV guide button on your Sky remote
  2. Use the right arrow to get to your Planner
  3. Press the select button
  4. Use the left arrow to reach the Deleted tab. Select it
  5. Highlight every recording and press the yellow button. This will delete them permanently from your box

After doing this, you will need to reset your Sky box. To do this, you will need to turn off the box and unplug it from the socket in the wall. Leave it unplugged for a minimum of 60 seconds, reconnect the power and switch the box back on.

Once you have completed these processes you should try to record a programme or play a recording you have already made from your planner. If this hasn’t solved your problem, you can try to rebuild your planner.

Rebuilding Your Planner

If clearing your deleted items and restarting your Sky box hasn’t solved your issues, you can rebuild your planner. Please note that this won’t delete anything you have previously recorded, but it will interrupt any recording that in progress so it is recommended that you do it when you are recording a programme.

There are ten stages to this process:

  1. Press the services button on your Sky remote
  2. Press the right arrow to move and highlight settings
  3. Press the select button
  4. Press the 0 button, then the 1 button, then the select button. This will display a hidden menu
  5. Press the left/right arrow to highlight Sky+ Rebuild. Press the select button
  6. You should be shown a message that reads “This will take a few minutes to complete. The rebuild will stop all recordings and reboot your Sky+HD”. Press select
  7. You should then be shown another message that says “Housekeeping please wait”. This should stay on screen for around two minutes and then disappear
  8. The Planner rebuild will then begin. This may take up to two minutes more and when it is completed your Sky box will switch itself off and on. Depending on how new your box is, you will see an amber or red standby light on your Sky box
  9. Wait a further two minutes after the standby light has come on
  10. Press the Sky button on your remote control

After completing this process, your Sky TV box should start up as normal and the light should turn green and the Planner should work as usual.

If you have tried these solutions and are still having difficulties or your Sky box isn’t working, you should speak to Sky. The final option is to conduct a full system reset but this should only be done as a last resort as it causes all your recordings and reminders to be deleted.

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