Sky Customer Service Contact Number – 0843 320 9669 – Get Personalised Help Whenever You Need it the Most!

BSkyB, or often known by its shortened name Sky 0843 320 9669, is one of the most recognisable names in broadcasting here in the United Kingdom. It provides a subscription television service to millions of customers around the country as well as telephone and broadband services. Customers who are having problems with their services and wish to a Sky customer service representative can be transferred to the company by using the number above.

Why might I phone the Sky contact number?

Here are just some of the reasons you may wish to get in touch with Sky:

  • I am having problems with my Sky television or internet service
  • I wish to enquire about paying my Sky bill
  • I want to cancel my services with Sky
  • I want to switch to another provider from Sky broadband
  • I wish to subscribe to a premium Sky TV channel (e.g. Sky Movies, Sky Sports)
  • I want to add or remove a package from my Sky service
  • I need to make a complaint about Sky

Sky Television, Its Channels And Its Packages

sky-contact-numberThere are three bundles that you can purchase to access Sky Television 0843 320 9669. The cheapest bundle on offer is the Original package. This allows access to 35 channels you can only get via Sky including things like Sky Living, Sky Atlantic and Sky One. This is on top of all the free channels that you can watch in the UK such as Channel 4, ITV and BBC. Additional channels can be added to the package with the Variety Bundle including things like The History Channel, The Discovery Channel and Cartoon Network. The top package, and the most expensive, is the Family Bundle which unlocks all the TV channels you could wish for (including HD and 3D variations) and allows you to access box sets through your Sky box.

You will be able to access these though a Sky box, a small device that fits perfectly on your TV stand or on the table next to your TV. It will allow you to see when the television is working (at which point it will light up as an emerald green colour) and when it is not (it will show a lobster red colour).

Here are some of Sky’s most popular channels:

Sky Atlantic

skyatlanticSky has had a harmonic relationship with the American paid-TV provider Home Box Office (HBO) since 2011. This means that Sky has exclusive UK rights to show many of their American programmes on the air in Britain. Its most popular imports are the sci-fi drama The Leftovers; the fantasy show about a war between five families, Game Of Thrones; the haunting murder mystery True Detective; and the Martin Scorsese produced gangster epic Boardwalk Empire. However, Sky Atlantic doesn’t just work exclusively with HBO. It has also purchased the rights to AMC and Showtime dramas like Ray Donovan and Mad Men. The channel is brought in partnership with BlackBerry and can be found on channels 108, 173 and 228.

Sky News

A 24 hour rolling news network, Sky News prides itself as the “first for breaking news” here in the United Kingdom. It was launched in 1989 and can be found on the channels 501 and 516 if you are a Sky customer. Its team of regular presenters help delivers the news including Eamonn Holmes, Kay Burley, Adam Boulton and more. They also have specialist reporters who are experts in niche areas like business, sports and more. The Sky News channel covers everything from hard political journalism and entertainment news to updates in the fashion industry – so you never miss out on what coats, scarves, tights, etc. you need to get the hottest look.

Being owned by Rupert Murdoch, the network has often come under scrutiny for how much the owner’s political bias influences the channel’s news agenda. Ofcom received 696 complaints about the way an interview with Labour’s Alistair Campbell was presented and 652 about the way it hosted the second Leaders’ debate in the 2010 general election. This is a concern that has arisen from the way in which its US equivalent Fox News spins stories to match its own view of the world.

You can also add the following things on top of your package:

Sky Sports

skytvSky Sports is an additional package that customers can add on to their paid TV subscription if they want to watch the biggest live sports events taking places across the United Kingdom. It has been in existence since 1991 and currently spreads across five different channels (not including Sky F1). The sports it shows include cricket, rugby, NFL, boxing, tennis, cycling, WWE, basketball, cycling and many more. However, the most popular event among customers in the United Kingdom is football. Sky Sports owns the rights to show 129 live Champions League matches throughout each season as well as 116 Premier League games and 75 games from The Football League. You can get the Sky Sports package for £24.50 by calling the Sky Contact Number today. If you do not wish the take out a whole package and just wish to watch one event, you can get a day pass for £6.99. The channel broadcasts in standard definition, high definition and 3D.

Sky Movies

Sky Movies gives customers access to some of the biggest new movie releases and classic titles, scheduled all day every day. If you are already a Sky customer, it will cost £16.50. If you’re a new customer, you can pay £38 per month and get Sky Movies added to your standard TV bundle.

There are 12 permanent channels that you can view, which include the following:

Sky Premiere – Brand new releases can be found on this channel. At the time of writing, this includes movies like the Gareth Edwards remake of Godzilla starring Bryan Cranston, Aaron Taylor Johnson and Elizabeth Olsen as well as the sequel 22 Jump Street which sees officers Jenko and Scmidt pretend to be bros once again, this time in college.

Sky Movies Greats – Classic movies from the last decade can be found here such as Forrest Gump, Pulp Fiction and The Departed.

Sky Movies Disney – Fans of the classic animation studio will be able to indulge in all their favourite Disney films from Snow White to The Lion King.

Sky Movies Family – Films that are suitable for all the family – mums, dads, grandparents and children both young and old.

Sky Movies will also have a number of temporary channels depending on current movie trends. In anticipation of Skyfall’s release, for example, they had a dedicated Sky Movies 007 channel. To coincide with the Oscars, they also had an exclusive channel for Oscar winning classics.



Sky Go

Sky Go lets you enjoy Sky television from your phone. So if you’re in between taking a selfie or checking your Twitter timeline, you can access some of the hottest drama right from the palm of your hand. You simply need to log in to the app with your Sky ID and password and you can steam live TV, catch up on shows from the last week, or access a number of box sets. The box sets include acclaimed shows like the seminal American drama The Wire, the popular British reboot of the Sherlock, Sky Living’s Cooks To Market for those with a passion for gastronomy. It’s not just your phone where you can watch Sky TV though; the app is also available for your tablet and its service can be accessed on any desktop or laptop. Users can stream the shows or download them to watch offline so you can view them in areas with limited internet access (planes, automobiles, public transport, etc.).

Sky Multiscreen

What happens if one person wants to watch a cooking show about how the perfect food to use in a fruit salad – peaches or pineapples? What if someone else wants to watch the latest Marvel movie to premiere on Sky Movies? And what if someone else wants to tune into the derby football match? This is where Sky Multiscreen becomes an invaluable part of the household. It allows you to watch several different shows around the same home simultaneously. Sky Customer Service will be able to organise for an engineer to come around and install the service for you. You will also be sent viewing cards for all the TV boxes in the house, which must be internet enabled and be connected to a broadband network to ensure they’re working at the same address. Sky Multiroom can also be installed with parental controls so that, if you have children, you can control the content they see.

Sky Broadband And WiFi

sky-helplineCustomers can get their hands on three types of broadband services if they choose to take out their internet packages from Sky. Sky Broadband Lite is the most basic one you can select, providing 2GB of monthly usage for those who use internet only occasionally. It’s perfect if you are simply emailing your friends, shopping online and using the internet for resources and information. This packages does not cost a thing when you pay for a Sky TV bundle with telephone and line rental. Sky Broadband Unlimited is a slightly more inclusive package. For a little extra money per month, this package has unlimited usage with no caps when you get a TV bundle. The biggest package you can purchase from Sky is Fibre Unlimited. It is also the only one available to customers who do not want to include TV services.

All of the internet services come with a wireless router called the Sky Hub. With a built in low energy mode, it intends to reduce the amount of electricity you are using in the home. There is also a Sky Smart Signal that scans the airwaves for interference and chooses the best possible network for a wireless connection based on speed and bandwidth.

Moving Home And Taking Sky With You

Customers who are moving home may wonder what will become of their Sky services if they move into a new residency. However, it is very simple. You can move your television, broadband and telephone services to a new home with you just by contacting Sky. You will need to get in touch with a customer service representative from the company at least 90 days before you are moving. Then, an engineer will be able to provide a standard installation at your new address at the cost of a one-off up-front payment. This can involve setting up your Sky dish and box, organising all the necessary cables, and connecting everything to a master phone socket.
Your Sky products should begin working from the moment the installation is complete, as long as you remember to bring all the Sky equipment you used at your previous home to your new one. The only change may be in your phone number, which must change if you move from one property to another.

Billing And Payments

sky-broadbandYou can view your most recent Sky bill online by visiting the official Sky website and logging in with your username and password. You will be able to see it in the My Account section if you click through to Bills and Payments. This section of the Sky website is also where you can change the way you are paying your bills, see when your next one is due, or make any amendments to the way you receive bills. If you do not wish to do this online, you can also manage your bills and payments through the television. On your Sky remote, select ‘interactive’ followed by ‘View My Sky Bill’. Customers are urged to contact the provider if they believe there is a problem with their payment or billing.

How To Cancel Sky

Cancelling Sky can be an arduous procedure and many customers have complained about how complicated they have found it. You must first register a request to cancel, either over the phone or by using the official Sky website. You should then receive an email, phone call or letter acknowledging the request (and most likely asking you to reconsider your choice). If you continue to want to cancel, you should be given a verified date that your services will be cut off – usually 31 days after the confirmation. This will only be provided by phone, so you should preferably speak to them via this method at this stage. You should not cancel your Direct Debit until this point.

Sky Complaints

If you are unhappy with your Sky service or the way that your account has been handled, do not be afraid to telephone Sky and make a complaint. If your complaint has not been fixed,

Sky Tickets

sky-csSky’s website includes its own ticket outlet, allowing customer to purchase tickets to some of the hottest events around the United Kingdom. The events that Sky provides tickets for is predominantly sports, including events like racing, football, rugby, netball, motorsports and many more. However, Sky also has tickets to some comedy events on offer as well. Sky can be reached on the number at the top of the page if tickets have not arrived for an event, your address needs to be amended, you cannot attend the event and wish to receive a refund, etc.

About Sky

Sky was formed in November 1990 following a merger between British Satellite Broadcasting and Sky Television. They combined their names to make BSkyB and today are one of the leading European companies. With the slogan ‘believe in better’, the company now makes upwards of £7 billion every year in revenues. Its chief executive officer is Jeremy Darroch and its chairman is Nicholas Ferguson. The company was founded, however, by Rupert Murdoch, the media mogul who always owns the Fox corporation and several British newspapers including the controversial The Sun.